When Your Travel is in Retrograde

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Retrograde (Rx) seems to get a negative stigma often shared through jokes & memes on social media. Often, cookie cutter advice is given on how to survive Mercury Retrograde. "Back up your content! Don't start anything new or make any major decisions! Don't travel…”

*record scratch*

DON'T TRAVELLLL? *soulja voice*

I'm a rebel w/a cause, so I never adhere to that advice during these rxs. I mean, cmon! Mercury rx always happens around the winter & summer holidays, & it won't stop us from booking tix to see family or sending gifts via @Amazon w/a wish & a prayer that it makes it to your loved ones on time.

Even when things do go wrong while you travel during rx, those are the very obstacles made opportunities that give you space to do exactly what you should be doing (My Five RE’s) during Mercury rx.

1.REflect (write/record your stories, skim thru pics/notes. Marvel at art...this normally musters up gratitude & growth)

2.REvisit (any project you may have started & then dropped for whatever reason. Esp for those of us w/sandy the squirrel attention spans...this is our time to pick it up & buss that ish down w/confidence, commitment & CONSISTENCY) #OnTheGang

3. REframe (reword whatever goals & problems you THINK you have. Reconsider the "issues")

4. REtreat [doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't have to be trips by plane, car or train. It can be mental (writing, meditation), be physical (dancing, singing, exercise, touching a tree, feet in the dirt/sand), &/or be emotional (venting, taking a break). Walks thru nature, & even concrete streets are some of my fave forms of scaled down retreats. Opportunities to reboot your energy and shift your mindset for the better].

5. REconcile (offer an olive branch to anyone you've had loud or silent conflict with. Even if that olive branch is offered to yourself). In being grounded, our natural cure to being anxious, we give ourselves another opportunity to be present. Present in our travels, present in our interactions w/each other, present w/our day to day lives. Therein lies our miracles. .

Even while our mercury is either transiting through Gatorade or Boosie Fade. #thefoladora

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