The Why Behind Foladora

Some of you may come across this website and wonder what is behind it. What is the purpose? The vision? Or simply put..What or Who in the hell is a Foladora?

The Young Fola

Well, Foladora is a play on Yoruba words roughly meaning "God's Gift". There are many gifts in this life including, but not limited to, Education,Travel and Creativity. Yoruba is my mother's (Mopelola) and father's (Oseade) tongue as well as the distinguished name of a tribe who's origin is in the country of Nigeria.

Along the same lines, the Foladora is not just a play on words. It is an avenue facilitated to express my multipotentialite self in many passions to share with and assist others across the world. A conduit of universal energy exploring expression through Oseade's eyes with Mopelola's determination and drive. Pulsing through me to you.

It's important to note that passions are shared amongst many but most especially in tribes. Vibing one's tribe is essential to one's life purpose. I have always believed teamwork makes the dreamwork and teamwork is the structure needed to maintain provision for one's Vision.

The Foladora is the source of one of many content creators and cultivators whose purpose is to celebrate synchronocity and collaboration of many passions. The Foladora serves as a consultant for Freedom by way of Travel and Education. Freedom of Fashion, Fun, Food and "Fotos". Providing field trips and travel for The Culture.

Welcome to The Foladora Experience. Enjoy the Ride!

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