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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

To be honest, if you said I came up with the name Foladora from my love for fedoras and Dora the Explorer instead of all the cultural eloquence I typed in my first wouldn't be far from the truth!

In fact, I DO love fedoras (even though I can't fit them over my hair anymore). And Dora The Explorer was clearly on to something marvelous. Backpacking and learning for tods! Bilingual Dora was in her bag. Ahead of her time.

You know who else was not only ahead of her time but definitely ahead of the game? Carmen Sandiego.

That's right. The One and Only Carmen Sandiego. And although she coupled trappin with her traveling, she was most definitely travel goals.

I remember playing the Carmen Sandiego game on my auntie's desktop computer as a youngin. Living vicariously through the escapades of an Afro-Latina globetrotter who specialized in grand heists! I watched the original show too (probably juxtaposed her ethnicity, but hey...let me live). I was an avid fan and can remember daydreaming about traveling to all these destinations when I grew up. Who would of thought the reboot would pop up decades later (thanks Netflix)?

Manifestation is real, ain't it?

I have always been a lover of cultures and languages different from mine. In fact, I love my own culture all the same! I loved culture before it was #fortheculture! AP Spanish survivor and cityhopper. A Cultural Diplomat so to speak.

Connecting the dots between cultures across the world gives me life. Being able to conceptualize the common thread between rice dishes across countries, dialects across tribes and thread colors across cultures has added to a global minded education that I will always treasure.

Shoutout to all the black and brown cartoon travel icons! Are there any black and/or brown cartoon icons you can think of that jumpstarted love for travel and education in you?

PS-You could throw in Miss Frizzle with the greats! She is light skinned as far as I'm concerned! I definitely need a Magic School Bus connect.


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