The Jungle Book(Bali Edition): Chapter 1 “You Send Me Swingin’” 💚

Since we first landed in Bali, we couldn't help but  notice all the greenery as soon as we left the airport. A welcome change from the not as green yet still majestic Dubai. Positive vibes all around & thru the Balinese people, greeting us with smiles & the namastay signal as we went to & fro. Fresh air, carefree animals & stars that shined bright with no street light in sight. Nature showing love naturally. We were excited to go to the popular tourist attraction Bali Swing!

Many of the Bali people practice Hinduism or Buddhism. The Balinese incorporate the concept of the 7 chakras, or energy wheels, into their everyday lives. With all the green we seen, I took note of the heart chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit) exuding green to color our lives w/compassion, love, & beauty. The heart chakra motivated by integration & transformation of all in the circle of life. Bridging the existence between the physical & spiritual.

This is what transformative travel means to me. It's not just about what we see & do in the physical on trips. It's also about what we feel & experience in the spiritual...bridging the gap between the two to the point where they both coexist & are acknowledged in our journeys. Swinging between the ebb and flow of the physical & spiritual in this life through mindfulness.

The rush of swinging high far outweighed my fear of heights that developed more for me as an adult. Tapping into childhood memories of doing acrobatic tricks off the swing set during recess in hometown Houston. Exhaling fear & breathing in love, life, & serenity. Giving my inner child space to shine bright like an emerald or diamond.💚🌍💚 #thefoladora #baliorbust #traveldeeper

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