The Jungle Book (Bali ed.) Chap5: That Time I Got Punked by Abu🙄

Aight, so BOOM. It’s Day 4 of our week in Bali. Just came down from the high that is climbing the Mount Batur volcano to catch the sunrise & play Things I Imagined 100x. We got back to our villa in Ubud at 11am, to shower & check out to head to Kuta for our 2nd villa of the trip.

Realized we should check out the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary before driving out of Ubud. I was exhausted, sore & my attitude was blah but this itinerary wasn't going to accomplish itself!

We get there & of course the views were majestic. Didn't enter one temple or animal sanctuary during my entire stay & not immediately get filled w/awe!

We come across a big sign displaying the rules for tourists in the sanctuary: Don't bring a paper/plastic bag Take care of your belongings Don't run, touch, grab or disturb the monkeys Don’t look a monkey in the eye Don’t feed the monkeys food

So I made sure to finish my smoothie before we entered their area & to keep on my shades as to not get caught staring. We got thru half of the forest, taking pictures & marveling at the monkeys' behavior. I got a bad feeling when as we were walking, a monkey slammed a coconut on the concrete from up high in a tree. I wanted to turn around because I knew these monkeys were not domesticated. But my friend wanted a few more pics.

There was a souvenir shop in the midst of the sanctuary. I realized I wanted a Bali shirt that wasn't available in my size earlier. I bought it w/o thinking twice about the bag because it wasn't food. We came across a monkey & before we knew it, he...I will call him Abu for protection of his ID, proceeds to grab my bag. I instinctively pull it back & then Abu jumps on me, scratches my dress & I let the bag go.

I WAS LIVID. Especially when he pulled the shirt out, checked if it was food & STILL chewed on it. So I stormed out the sanctuary teed off. Literally🤣

My friend somehow got back the shirt but when she found me I told her to throw it away. I got punked by Abu from Aladdin in the flesh yall.

Have you ever got punkdbyanimal before during travel? Please comment below. It's a safe space to share as a victim😭

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