The Gift of the Magi.

When I took these shots in 2017, I immediately thought of the Three Wise Men which was super significant with my group just finishing a tour in & driving through The Valley of Kings & Queens that surrounds the ancient tombs in Luxor, Egypt.

The Magi, in legends, are casually referred to as the Three Wise Men. I always thought it was cool that this legend was technically centered around travel & the quest for knowledge & awareness.

It's arguable about who exactly these men were & what exactly these men did. Which also reminds me that who we are & what we do wont matter over time as much as the impact of how we made people feel & how we communicated those feelings & appreciation (mercury in pisces♓) The significance of the gifts they gave sweet baby Jesus are still debated 🗣TO THIS DAY! I notice in any legend, I like to focus on the metaphysical (meta=the beyond/abstract) symbolism of each character.

Metaphysically, these Wise men are said to symbolize the wisdom that is carried within the soul from previous incarnations. The direction they (wisdom) were traveling toward (The East= inner consciousness/self-awareness) to bring gifts (inner spiritual resources) to the Christ Child (inner child Mindset). Gold would symbolize the riches of Spirit. Frankincense, one of my FAVE aromas, equals the beauty of Spirit. And Myrrh, the eternity of Spirit. Spiritual wealth, beauty & eternity.

The star that the Magi saw in the east (inner conscious) represents Intuition.

Meaning the Magi (wisdom) were guided by Intuition🤯. If you have read the book, The Alchemist, by @paulocoelho , you may have noticed similar themes (the art of manifesting thru intuitive travel).

On the final days of winter leading up to Spring Equinox & a Full Moon in Libra ♎, I encourage you to reflect & shine your intuitive light on your gifts. The aspects of you & the things you have always done naturally that can bless yourself & those around you. Trust your inner wisdom to lead you to the life you wanna lead. When you travel, consider diving into the history, the legends & the depth of the symbolism of things around you and the people you meet. 💚

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