The Aso Oke (Fabric) of Our Lives

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Aso Oke is a hand woven cloth made mostly by the Yoruba tribe of south west (#WESSSSST) Nigeria. These fabrics are worn to special occasions & donned by traditional rulers.

As I'm preparing to pack my bags & boost my immune system for my trip to Bali, one of my 1st trips to South Asia, I had a That's So Raven moment. A deja vu epilogue of all of my ancestors and I's adventurous first times.

My first time traveling to Africa. My parents first time traveling to America. Their kids first time donning Nigerian fabrics.

My practice of scrolling through pictures looking for common threads that weave together to illustrate important ideals to me. The vibrance, the colors & depth of my life experience.

I thought of my Yoruba culture. My Ondo tribe. I considered all the reasons, outside of slavery, that they moved around the world--before airplanes were a thing.

The Yoruba people were mainly agricultural scientists & merchants, but a good amount of them traveled through trade of special goods. Irin Ajo is yoruba for "Adventure Travel". Yoruba women pushed patterned fabrics with zest because their lives depended on it. A creative & industrious people with a rich history.

This culture & these traditions rooted in oral folktales & philosophy.

Intertwined in cosmology & mythological creatures that live in both visible & invisible worlds. All designed to help us navigate thru life as we know it.

Going down my many introspective rabbit holes of cultural connections & significance, I then became present. Excited to witness these cultural threads and immerse myself in the storythreads of Bali people and the people of cities I travel to in the future.

My goal with The Foladora is to contribute to all of us experiencing travel on ancestral, cellular and transformative levels. Let's tap into the freedom of travel our ancestors lived out. Back when the Pangaea was real. The freedom to migrate just like birds do when seasons change. Weaving more and more to the fabrics of our lives across the globe.šŸŒ





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@ Ondo Town

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