Pride Rock (Zip to Zanzibar edition) Chapter 1: "STRONG SIDE, LEFT SIDE"

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Last week, I went snorkeling for the first time (even though I can't technically swim swim). Last night, I had a very vivid dream about getting caught in a Rip tide/current/undertow and I survived. With Neptune in my 12th, my dreams are very vivid and somewhat prophetic. Sometimes lucid.

After thanking God for the opportunity to actually remember and recall the dream in color set in a vacation background, I started to research/Google rip rides and currents.

Per Surfer Today, there are three main dangerous ocean currents. Rip currents, undertows and rip tides are very frequent in the majority of the beaches and coastal regions.

What is the difference between the three? Undertow, rip current, and riptide are terms used to define a plethora of currents, w/different traits. Yet, much of the general public, news media, & even dictionary definitions confuse & misidentify these potential hazards at surf beaches. Many beachers use the terms interchangeably, when in fact they are VERY different hazards. Undertow, rip currents, and riptides occur for different reasons at different locations along the beach. Avoiding each them & escaping their grip call for different strategies.

Per usual, I tried to apply these misnomers to life lessons I personally need to internalize. 1. Everyone's storm/current is not the same 2. Clashes happen when you try to link forces with folks at different waves/speeds in life. So don't force it, lest you drown. 3. When you get caught in a dangerous current, remain calm. Don't panic. 4. Prevention is key. It's better to be able to identify dangerous currents and avoid them at all costs.

5. Undertows pull you down. Rip currents pull you across. Knowing the type of current gives you the solution in how to ride it out. 6. Certain types of areas in the beach/your life foster certain types of curtains. Choose wisely. 7. Rip currents look calm on the surface. Don't assess a life situation or season by its cover. 8. Heed signs/warnings of when not to swim/choose in life.

The actual steps to surviving rip rides and currents (via on the eve of summer solstice coming upon us are the following:

1. Rip currents are like treadmills. We get off the treadmill every way but forward.

2. Avoid certain parts of beaches that nurture these currents.

3. The water in a rip current can seem calm. So keep your head on swivel.

4.Heed official warnings not to swim.


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