Pride Rock (Zip to Zanzibar ed)Chapter 2: Due North: Have You Seen The Mountaintop?

A couple weeks ago on flight & while being stuck in a connecting flight gone wrong in Ethiopia, I had a "come to Jesus" meeting w/myself about mortality, impact & what EYE actually value. I thought about how I've tried to identify with the "I care too much" empathy squad. Constantly playing martyr to a so called careless world when I am the one who lacked boundaries #accountability I thought about the constant power trip scenarios I find myself in, where I feel I'm shining too bright, stepping on others' toes or falling back to hard. Not embracing that I can NEVER outwork or underachieve someone's opinion of me. #groundhogday I reflected on how I projected physical lack of family into the my work space. Teamwork makes the DreamWork isnt every one's mantra in that setting. Some people like to work and go home to their kinfolk. & that is perfectly fine. #worklifebalance #boundaries I considered the following: If I knew tomorrow was my last day in this life, what would flash before my eyes? What would I value? What impact or legacy would I hope to leave behind? What gifts would I want to ensure was invested properly? Took a hard look in the mirror & embraced my personal Groundhog Day. Doing the same thing, being the same way in the same type of setting worldwide and expecting different results= a cyclical insanity. So what did/do I do to break the cycle? I meditate, reflect and align within. I continue to water my growth mindset and release the fixed mindset and toxicity we ALL are capable of. I stay in the lane/niche I have been blessed with. I stop seeking the validation and understanding alot of us women of color try to achieve at work, home and beyond. I seek to understand and love on Young Fola to health AND wealth w/o the need to overcompensate others views of her. I see it through. I rest when I must. I DON'T QUIT. I break the cycle by getting real about what I value and what I REALLY REALLY want. I value personal FREEDOM. I value healing. I value places of growth & new possibilities. I value stability rooted in self expression. I value luxury AND the simple things. I value innovation. I value meaningful healthy work that I can carry w/me anywhere & everywhere. I value faith & hope. I value vision. I value respect. I value honesty. I value transparency. I value cultures. I value the youth. I value wisdom. I value lifelong learning. I value reflective time. I value friends that are family. I value the home frequency as well as travel. I can be one with these & many more inner values & not project them onto or into anything or anyone. Forcing no one into my value box. I can resonate & stand on them alone. That freedom may inspire others. It may do slim to none for most. But when I leave this life, I want to ensure I LIVED this life. And that I did it for ME. Poured into myself, healed myself, utilized & faithfully applied gifts in me towards me for everyone to see. Not so they can be me but so I show folks the freedom to get in tune with their personal design & be who they have always been. My Juneteenth isn't just about my ancestors, my celestial cohort, my peoples, my tribe, Texas and so on. My Juneteenth is about the personal freedom I aspire to achieve through self-discipline, self-accountability, my personal energy budget & staying true to what I truly value. The Healing Marathon Continues đź—ŁTO FREEDOM #thefoladora #juneteenth

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