Kintsugi: The Art and Beauty in The Broken

In light of August 4th being the "anniversary" of the Hiroshima bombing, news of the Beirut explosion during the full moon♒ brings equal parts disgust and tears to my eyes.

Simultaneously, I received the epiphany that we have been here before. The cycle of destruction, transformation and reconstruction...(constructive and deconstructive interference for my physics heads) not new under The Sun. The collective pain and frustration in outdated systems coming to a head across this planet. Above and below.

It hurts. I mourn those whose lives were lost and bodies injured while I lace that heaviness and tragedy with the hope and dreams of Life on the other side of this darkness.

This coping mechanism may be a form of "Spiritual Bypassing" but I do perceive that this method has an appropriate place in all of this.

Seeing so much trauma on screen, I developed an introspective habit of the realization that what happens outside also happens inside.

Energy can't be created or destroyed. Only transformed.

The pent-up energy and frustration with what life has become and how ideals and aspirations may completely square up with the reality we see.

I view the gold in the cracks of damaged pottery as Frankincense faith.

The ability to see faith, healing and innovation in the midst of destruction.

"Faith is to believe what you don't see."

Faith being the Rose growing from concrete.

Faith being the Lotus growing out the mud.

The secondary succession without and within.

We all have our thing.

Our strongholds.

We learn and master the balance of detaching our identification with those "flaws" in ourselves and in our man made methods and systems while embracing why and how they exist. Embracing our inner, outer and collective scars.

Peace that surpasses our understanding. Balance that doesn't initially make sense.

We learn how to manage with the cracks in our china.

How to transmute tragedy into triumph.

Beauty for ashes.

Tragedy is never a welcome guest but it somehow brings us together.

In our tragedy and turmoil in time, through the fire, we find cracked pots of gold to see us through.



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