Jollof Jambalaya Joust: Do All Rice Dishes Matter?

Back in the day, emotional eating at naija parties/celebrations with the jollof party rice in the cooler and the suya on the rack was met w/statements like: "why you eating like you aint got food at the hize?" Or "If you keep eating like that it's gonna catch up with you." Pele. Look...this rice slaps. The moin moin is perfection. I like how this puff puff is hitting, and I'm not sure if it's gonna hit like this when we get back home. We got Ramen Noodles o! = It's Spaghetti in There!

Jollof in West Africa.

Pilau (spice rice) in Zanzibar.

Jambalaya in New Orleans.

Arroz con pollo.

Biryani bowls.

Shrimp Fried that Rice.

Rice A Roni in San Francisco?

Look at how rice dishes bring the peopletogether 💚

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