International Day: A Reflection on What Inspires my International Life

Today, I was part of an International Day Festival that not only warmed my heart but also reminded me of my WHYS.

Being a Global Citizen is a lifestyle I am honored to live out daily as a Career Counselor at an international private school in Dubai. Travel isn't just an avenue to practice escapism for me. I dont travel or live abroad purely for the flex either. Travel is an engine to run a empathetic global vision mindset.

I am grateful and honored to have taken a leap of faith in moving abroad to teach and now counsel students and adults alike on this side of the world. I struggled with forms of cultural shock and xenophobia at first that have now transformed into empathy, acceptance, tolerance and xenophilia.

This move wasn't only about securing a monetary bag and being at one of the major hubs for international travel. I feel like this move was ancestral, purpose driven and destined.

You see the picture above is a side by side of my dad and I. He passed away back in 2008 in Ecuador where he used to teach. Ironically, my first taste of international travel was a bittersweet one. I had to fly solo to Quito, Ecuador to bury him. A rather cathartic experience.

And although I didn't get to know him as well as I liked because he was deported out of the US when I was young, I like to think he still lives through me. And his passions of education, travel and freedom still pulse through my veins.

Once I connected all these dots through mind, body and spirit, my healing occurred exponentially. A revival of passion, purpose and position. Position meaning the affirming feeling of being at the right place at the right time. For purpose, by purpose. Via universal design.

Sharing my story transparently with candor and vision through this platform of travel media....To activate passion, purpose and position in myself and cultivate mindfulness, well being, independence, self awareness and living FULL lives is my mission. Travel has always been my teacher and I hope to continue to share what I've learned through my experiences across the world with you. #thefoladora

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