Holi Ki Baddhaiyya: Festival of Colors

I couldn't count how many times heard the phrase “Happy Holi!” walking around the festival & the city streets. Always welcomed that phrase w/a huge grin!

I reached out to my friends about turning up with our Indian Family to celebrate Holi in Dubai @aksnights & of course they were super with it!


Holi is mostly celebrated in India & Nepal but the colorful festival is now widespread & celebrated worldwide, including Dubai. The oldest accounts of Holi being commemorated date as far back as the 4th century!


Most of us assume Holi is just about throwing fluorescent colors at loved ones & strangers while posing for the photo opp. But of course I looked into the significance and symbolism of this celebration cuz THAT'S JUST WHAT I DO!


The Holi Festival’s history is rooted in Hindu mythology, celebrating the triumph of good over evil, that also correlates with the passing of winter into spring! According to one of the ancient legends, the Hindu deity Krishna fell in love with Radha, but was worried their different skin tones would keep them apart. Krishna’s mom advised him to ask Radha to paint his face with any color of her choosing. This act made Krishna feel less self-conscious about his skin color, and the two fell in love😍.


While we walked around dancing to popular Indian music and dhols (south Asian traditional drums) and spreading our love via many paints, I couldn't help but ponder on the significance of the colors themselves!


Every color of the rainbow has multiple meanings in Hinduism and means something special in Indian psyche.


Red= love/fertility/matrimony; Saffron/Orange=purity/religious abstinence/the sacred/warriors; Yellow=Vishnu/knowledge/peace/merchants; Blue=Hindu God Krishna/determination/reminder that evil exists but can be contained, through courage and right actions;

Green= new beginnings/harvest; Purple=Reincarnation/Comfort


The celebration cuts across all classes, castes, & religions bringing people together. All the colors celebrating the birth of spring filling their day with the colors of joy, love, prosperity, happiness, and peace. #thefoladora @ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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