Heart Is Where The Home Is 💛

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Heart is where the home is. You read right. My reversal and retrograde on a well known quote that in its twist has become my travel philosophy.

As for me and my heart house, I will follow what feels like home all the days of life. Those pockets of home all over the globe. Another twist on a popular biblical scripture.

While tidying up my home on a sick day, I came upon a revelation. I simply love being in and working from home. Any home, really. Even my friend's home. I'm a lowkey domestic even though people see my highlight reels of traveling all over the world.

And in that, I am a walking paradox because I love being at home and I love to travel. But here's the gag. The way these loves connect...

I don't travel to escape. I travel to feel like home. In tune with my home frequency. I think alot of us do the same. We more so travel seemingly to escape the stresses of our life that we attach to our homebase. But those bills, that toxic work environment, those nosy family members and the annoying rush hour traffic don't necessarily equate to what feels like home. More so they are practical nuisances we attach to our idea of home in order to survive.

So in that epiphany, I realized that my fave places to travel to (and my fave people to travel with) have always felt like home.

When I stepped out of the Johannesburg airport last December, it felt like the Sun gave be a big warm hug.🤗 Those who are well traveled know the Sun just hits different in various parts of the world.

Walking along the market place in Ghana, in spite of the hustle and bustle, it felt like home. As if I was connecting with my west African ancestors who did the same across generations.

The highlight of my trip to Paris wasn't taking shots of the Eiffel Tower or strolling across the Lovelock bridge. The highlight was joining a Korean family for a homecooked meal made with love.

Traveling to Egypt with one of my solsis women friends felt like home (Hey Jayon!). My solsis squad has natural chemistry of humor and adventure, so when we travel together the laughter and the inside joke moments never end (#ROLEX).

I don't like to feel rushed or busy. So there are some places I've travelled where I haven't felt so much at home. But when I actually fly back and yearn for my own bed, I reflect on those moments as well. And that inner and written reflection is definitely a home base frequency for me.

Home IS where the heart is. But your heart and your home, that sense of belonging, the feeling of alignment, that home frequency...all of this is with you. No matter where you go and/or where you are on this journey of discovery.

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