Blah Blah Tips to Becoming a Travel Alchemist

1. Write your own hieroglyphs.

2. Command your own narrative. Compose your own score.

3. Tap into your own intuition.

4. Reflect on your own reflections.

5. Cross reference if need be.

6. Open your mind while being mindful and respecting boundaries.

7. Don't take anybody's tips or words including my own for law.

8. Fail gloriously at following your own advice.

9. Laugh at yourself and make room for mistakes and depression.

10. Say what you write aloud with your chest.

11. Repurpose your purpose. Reinvent the wheel.

12. Aim for grace and gratitude THROUGH IT ALL.🏹

13. Keep GO(o)D at the center of it all.

14. Be good in every hood.

15. Do a "hood" pose in front of every monument and wonder of the world.

*Rinse and Repeat*

Any other tips for intuitive travel or reflecting on where you have been while presently sticking to the Rivers and the lakes that you are used to?

Did you catch my literary and musical references?

Comment below! 💛


Your Formerly Tone Deaf Tourist


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