Black Parade.


When we hug the wave of darkness we see coming a mile away because we have rode this rodeo many times before...

When we see that tsunami coming from a mile away and face it with a crooked and cracked smile...

When we hug that heavy Eeyore cloud so tight, lightning strikes and beams out while the Silver Lining appears...

When we hit a manic high and no longer fear the heavy low that we know is coming soon...

The crests and troughs of the wave of Life...

Our Power in embracing the Sun AND the Storm.

Our Power in our ability to dance in the dark while waiting on the ushering of Light.

Our Power to transform from the depths of our very own shadows and our very own Mud.

Our Power.

Our Autonomy.

Our Miracle.

Our Lotus.

Our Life in the Sunshine.

Our Black Parade.







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