8 Tips to Boost Body Positivity This Summer

For Colored Girls Who Have Not Yet Reached Their Beach Body Goals by Summer's Peak...

I am not alone in the realization that my natural body has not yet reached my beach body goals for the summer.

My pre-travel ritual of frequenting a many fitting rooms in search for last minute fits that actually fit is a whirlwind in itself. Searching for the right angles in front of a not so forgiving mirror and under not so friendly fluorescent lights.

Squeeze these love handles.

Tighten these Big Momma Arms.

Tame this FUPA with Spanx.

When did I get this cellulite?

What happened to my edges?

My weight has fluctuated for most of my post secondary life mostly due to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). So I am not new to this, I'm true to this. However, my urge to travel to tropical climate destinations far outweighed my urge to cover up my temporary fat deposits and cellulite waves.

So upon my trip to the beautiful Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa, here are some Foladora tips on embracing body positivity in front of unforgiving cameras:

1. Embrace where you are presently weight wise and mix the self defeating self talk

2. Accept that it is natural for weight in women to fluctuate due to many hormonal, environmental and water/nutrition induced factors.

3. Affirm yourself in your present body's state by saying positive affirmations aloud to yourself each day in front of the mirror each morning.

4. Avoid comparisons to photoshopped publications and facetuned social media posts. Especially in comparison to celebrities and the rich with elaborate body maintenance budgets.

5. Focus on appreciating and what your body can do. Consistent yoga really has helped me.in being present with this focus. I once got to a weight where I couldn't even bend my knees in the shower. So I am more than appreciative that I can bend my knees more functionally now!

6.Set positive, health-focused goals rather than weight loss-focused goals to the tune of motivating music! (*cue Lizzo here*)

7. Give yourself room to admire the beauty of others.

8. Celebrate your small wins and the small wins of others with self-care.

Body positivity, health and fitness is not a sprint. It's an ongoing marathon. And as a wise man once said, "The Marathon Continues."

I celebrate my Victory Lap in advance (word to Nipsey). In anticipation of my faith in the victory manifesting in due time!

Cheers to summer officially making its mark in & on my mind, body and soul. Proud of some of my losses since the beginning of this year and I got a lot more dead weight to shed.

But for now, I will continue to celebrate my small wins! What small wins are you celebrating and fruit are you enjoying this hallmark to summer?⁣ ⁣ Nefertiti edges kinky.⁣ FUPA appreciation.⁣ Uneven melanin and tan lines.⁣ Cellulite rolling like the deep blue sea.⁣ Battle scars of a Divine Feminine life well lived.⁣ 💛🌼💛⁣

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