The Foladora is not just a brand or a cute emoji icon. The Foladora is about transforming the narrative of traveling to and  fro exploring the rest of this precious world while melinated. Focus on being mindful during travel, visual storytelling, and growth processes as well as study abroad and international teacher professional development opportunities.

“You cannot leave Africa, ” Africa said, “It is always with you."

Bridge Dore


Here you will find stories not only from myself, but also from other melinated women open to sharing their experiences on the world wide web. Connecting the dots between our cultures, countries and hearts. You will also find my "fotography" from previous trips,my epic encounters as a foodie, my blog entries in my "fola journal" on connecting travel with personal transformation and purpose, vibing your tribe, more "fun" ways to travel while saving coins,inspiring fashions and paraphernalia (coming soon).
My middle name [in real life :)] is Folasade of Yoruba origin given by my parents by way of Nigeria. I have always been passionate about communing and exploring my cultural roots. And I appreciate the privilege of having the means and the connections to do so.
That is why it is vital that I share my perspectives and screenshots of my travels since 2013 for those who cannot. And I hope to be able to raise enough provision to provide opportunities for the less fortunate to do the same! Travel should be for all, regardless of socioeconomic status or cultural background! Xenophilia instead of Xenophobia. No borders!
The name Foladora popped in my many ideas and visions back in 2017 while designing my own vision board and reflecting on one I created before. So the Fola in my name AND in Foladora means Honor. The Dora in Greek means gift. I love that it also has a loose connection to Dora The Explorer and my love for fedoras.
Welcome to my platform and I hope to open your mind, share education, network, and at the very least bring a unique perspective to the Travel & Transformation World.



The Foladora is about MORE. More Life. More Perspectives. More Images. More Stories. More Education. More Culture. And above all More Travel!

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